Mental health care tailored to each employee

Give each team member the tools to feel more resilient, productive and supported – every day.

Submit your details

Reach your full capacity, every day

Lower sickness absence rate with 30%

Detect mental health issues in time and offer professional support straight away.

Support form a therapist within 24 hours

Not everyone needs a therapist all the time, but when needed, help is available within 24 hours.

10 guides for self-insight and knowledge

Each employee has access to our digital guides in areas such as stress, anxiety and sleep.

Treatments designed after need and life schedule

Therapy sessions and iCBT can be combined after each individual need.

The country’s most experienced therapists

All our therapists are of course licensed and most have 6-20 years of experience.

Cost per employee, per month

A low price to pay for sustainable performance

Prosperous employees who thrive at work not only have more fun, they are also more productive and stay longer. Therefore, every investment in your employees is an investment in your company.

What does the treatment journey look like?

Answer a few questions

In a survey produced by our therapists, each employee can score their life situation and mood based on areas such as stress, sleep and anxiety.

A personal health plan

Based on the answers, we develop a personal plan with the aim of improving mental health and achieving personal goals.

Begin the journey towards a better mood

The plan looks different for everyone, and depending on how much support each individual needs, iKBT treatment, chat support and psychologist talks can be combined.

Treat burnout in time – lower sick leave with 30%

The future of mental health care is digital and preventive

Professions of today don’t look like they did a hundred years ago. The workload has shifted from our bodies to our brains, from analog to digital. And with that, the demands on our mental capacity to perform every single day is increasing. Unfortunately, the rising numbers of sick leave caused by burnout are telling evidence of this.

At Ahum, we help companies stop turning a blind eye to modern mental health challenges that are already here. It is time to switch to a mental health care solution that is both preventive and digital. That gives each employee a mental safety net that prevents, detects, and treats mental health issues – before it is too late.

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