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Anxiety, self-doubt, and stress can happen to anyone. It’s only human. But if you get stuck we connect you to the right support.

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Our experienced therapists

Our therapists are some of the most experienced in the country – each one is licensed and most have 6-20 years of experience. Together, they cover a range of specialties and language skills to meet your specific needs.

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We understand that therapy can feel quite frightening and complicated. Therefore, we match you with the right therapist based on your specific needs and preferences. It’s then up to you to have the call online or face-to-face. Or you use our self-serve therapy programs with support from your therapist via chat. You decide!

Therapy on your own

Get access to our digital tools with content created by our therapists to help you deal with stress, low self-esteem, poor sleep, anxiety, and more.

“Therapy sessions combined with iCBT have helped me handle my acute problems. But I have also started to achieve long-term changes.”

Anna, Stockholm

“I have finally found a sounding board for my mental health issues.”

Per, Kristianstad

“It's so much easier to start therapy if you get matched with the right therapist. I’ve personally been in need of this for several years.”

Noak, Malmö

Are you a therapist?

Join our network of therapists located all over the country. In addition to an increased number of new clients, you get one complete tool to manage all everyday administration.

  • Boost the inflow of new clients
  • Complete tool for managing clients and bookings
  • Work at a time and place that suits you and your client
  • Next-gen tools for internet-based therapy